Highlights From My AMA


Astronauts wear many hats. They are scientists, explorers, and public advocates for the advancement of science and technology. In my entry video for the  student astronaut contest I mentioned that I have the ability to speak to anyone on any stage, so  I decided to put my money where my mouth is and host an AMA on a few Reddit sub-forums ( here and here ) . For those of you who don’t know AMA ‘s (ask me anything) are open forums where Reddit users can ask a person  (or a group of people) anything they want.  I got some really good questions from other Redditors , but here are my favorites:

What inspires my dream of becoming the first African American to walk on Mars and what advice would I give to younger students:


Robotic exploration vs human exploration:


Should we go back to the moon first:


A question from a fellow Aaron:


And finally because I bleed orange:


Don’t forget to keep liking and sharing my entry video for the student astronaut contest!

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